Treasures in Black and White: A Journey through Masters of Printmaking at Petit Palais

Treasures in Black and White: A Journey through Masters of Printmaking at Petit Palais

The Petit Palais in Paris opens its doors to an exceptional exhibition titled "Treasures in Black and White", an ode to the art of printmaking that takes us on a rich and diverse journey from the 15th to the 20th century.

This captivating exhibition transports us through time, presenting nearly 200 works by illustrious printmaking masters such as Dürer, Rembrandt, Callot, Goya, Toulouse-Lautrec, Chéret, Steinlen, Auguste Renoir, Anders Zorn, and many others.

Printmaking has always held a special place at the Petit Palais. Indeed, in 1908, the Museum of Modern Printmaking was established within the Petit Palais, marking the beginning of an exceptional collection. This exhibition allows us to discover the treasures of this collection, offering a unique panorama of printmaking spanning several centuries.

The first part of the exhibition is dedicated to the Dutuit collection, which boasts an impressive 12,000 prints, all signed by the greatest painter-etchers of their time. These works, brought together by Eugène Dutuit, stand out for their quality, rarity, and fascinating history. Among the standout pieces is Rembrandt's "The Hundred Guilder Print", an exceptional work both for its imposing size and its prestigious history, having once belonged to Dominique-Vivant Denon, the first director of the Louvre. Four artists with powerful universes, Dürer, Rembrandt, Callot, and Goya, were specially chosen to illustrate this "Dutuit taste."

Henry Lapauze played a crucial role in 1908 by inaugurating the Museum of Modern Printmaking at the Petit Palais. To build the Lapauze collection he solicited numerous donations from dealers, collectors, artists, and artist families. The result is a vibrant testament to the history of printmaking and contemporary engraving, primarily from early 20th-century Paris. The exhibition also showcases the museum's latest acquisitions, including prints by Auguste Renoir, Anders Zorn, and Odilon Redon, showcasing the dynamism of the museum's acquisition policy.

The exhibition also offers an immersive experience by highlighting various printmaking techniques, from wood engraving to color etching, burin, and lithography. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the creative process through a filmed demonstration of etching creation. Moreover, an interactive and playful digital tablet allows visitors to create their own print, which they can receive by email and share on social media.

"Treasures in Black and White" is a must-see exhibition that brings together the grand masters of printmaking at the Petit Palais. It invites us to delve into the fascinating world of printmaking through the ages and techniques. From Rembrandt's realism to Toulouse-Lautrec's exuberance, this exhibition offers a comprehensive exploration of an art form that has captivated artists throughout the centuries.

Immerse yourself in the history and evolution of printmaking and be inspired by the masters of this captivating art. An artistic experience not to be missed!

Until the 14th of January 2024. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. 

Photo ©Rosenwald Collection - National Gallery of Art 

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