Shamanic Visions at the Quai Branly

Shamanic Visions at the Quai Branly

For this new season, the Quai Branly takes you directly to the Peruvian Amazon, exploring the hallucinatory images and iconographic productions induced by ayahuasca, a beverage that has captivated the Western world for over half a century.

In French literature, we have many illustrious examples of poets who allowed themselves to be transported by substances for artistic purposes.

Think of the "cursed poets": "Opium enlarges what has no bounds, lengthens the limitless, deepens time, hollows voluptuousness, and [...] fills the soul beyond its capacity," wrote Charles Baudelaire.

On the other side of the world, specifically in the Peruvian Amazon, it is the community of Shipibo-Konibo that uses a hallucinogenic brew, ayahuasca, for artistic and spiritual purposes.

In these societies, this beverage plays a central role in culture and social life. Shamanism and artistic creation become intimately linked over the centuries. It is through this practice that Shipibo-Konibo artists create their visual identity, characterized by unique colors and geometric patterns.

The first part of the exhibition highlights these works in the form of clothing, objects, jewelry, and more. You can admire both ancient works and contemporary creations by Shipibo-Konibo artists.

The second part emphasizes the techniques used by indigenous artists in the Amazon, recurrent symbols, and various artistic processes. This typology of creation begins to captivate the Western world, notably through the Beat Generation, which made ayahuasca famous fifty years ago. Western artists start to draw inspiration from these fascinating artistic creations, giving rise to a true globalization of art.

In the third part of the exhibition, you can discover the various creations and reinterpretations of Shipibo-Konibo art in the West. Films, audiovisual productions, and modernity add to these ancestral artistic creations to create something new.

Throughout the exhibition, you will appreciate the variety of artworks created "under the influence." You can admire the geometric iconography of the Shipibo-Konibo, the literary productions of Allen Ginsberg, the audiovisual creations of Jan Kounen, and much more!

The exhibition's objective is to explore the connections between the exhibited artistic creations and study their links with visionary and hallucinatory images induced by ayahuasca.

"Shamanic Visions" is a true sensory journey into visionary images, artistic creation, and spiritual exploration.

An opportunity not to be missed! Reserve your spot! The entire team at Hotel Moderniste wishes you an excellent discovery!

Until May 26, 2024. From Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm, with late-night opening on Thursdays until 10:00 pm.

Photo ©Ouassima Issrae - Unsplash

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