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Ron Mueck exhibition at the Fondation Cartier

Ron Mueck exhibition at the Fondation Cartier

The Fondation Cartier for Contemporary Art is unveiling an exceptional exhibition featuring the Australian sculptor Ron Mueck. This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to discover a set of previously unseen works in France alongside iconic pieces from his career. Ron Mueck is an artist whose work is both rare and highly anticipated, and he has established a lasting collaboration with the Fondation Cartier since his first exhibition in 2005.

The exhibition highlights the recent evolution of Ron Mueck's work, showcasing his monumental installation titled "Mass," created in 2017 for the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. This monumental work, presented for the first time outside of Australia, consists of one hundred gigantic human skulls, rearranged by the artist for each presentation. "Mass" offers both a physical and a psychological experience, inviting visitors to reflect on fundamental aspects of human existence.

The title "Mass" is multifaceted, evoking a mass, a crowd, a heap, and a mass, encouraging each viewer to interpret the work in their own way. Ron Mueck sees the human skull as a complex object, both familiar and strange, capturing the observer's attention. With this work, he aims to represent the complexity of the human intellect and its multiple facets, marking a significant shift from his previous focus on the individual representation of the human being.

"Mass" reveals the artist's new direction towards different forms of sculpture, departing from meticulous reproduction of realistic details to focus more on form, composition, and movement. This new approach enables the artist to tell new stories, represent characters in groups and in action, and communicate the dynamics that animate them more directly.

In addition to "Mass," the exhibition also presents "Dead Weight" (2021), a nearly two-ton cast iron skull, in contrast to the artist's usual naturalistic style. Traces of the molding and the raw nature of the material remain visible, emphasizing the artist's intention to let the manufacturing process speak for itself.

Another creation specially made for this exhibition is a striking sculpture representing a menacing group of dogs, a project that Ron Mueck had already envisioned during his monographic exhibition at the Fondation Cartier in 2013.

A short film documenting the creation of his two most recent works was made in Ron Mueck's studio by the French photographer Gautier Deblonde. This film will be broadcast on the digital platforms of the Fondation Cartier, providing visitors with a fascinating glimpse into his creative process.

The Ron Mueck exhibition at the Fondation Cartier offers a rare opportunity to explore the work of an artist who continues to innovate in the field of contemporary sculpture. His art, both powerful and enigmatic, encourages viewers to reflect on the nature of humanity, the diversity of human experiences, and the strength of artistic expression. An unmissable exhibition for contemporary art enthusiasts seeking a unique visual and emotional experience.

The exhibition runs until November 5, 2023, and is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 8 pm.

Photo ©Jean-Pierre Dalbéra - Unsplash

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