Les Mots et Le Ciel, a unique Lebanese restaurant in the heart of the 15th district

Les Mots et Le Ciel, a unique Lebanese restaurant in the heart of the 15th district

Nestled in Olivier des Serres street, just a few steps from the hotel Moderniste in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, Les Mots et Le Ciel, under the direction of Hassan Issa and Karim Haïdar, invites you on an authentic gastronomic journey to Lebanon.

With a narrative that unveils their passion for cuisine, terroir, and quality ingredients, the restaurant promises a culinary and cultural adventure, highlighting shared experiences and culinary transmission.

In the quiet and residential ambiance of Olivier-de-Serres Street, Hassan Issa (formerly Maison Issa) and Karim Haïdar (Liza) have created the warmest spot in the 15th: Les Mots et Le Ciel. The restaurant, adorned with a name reminiscent of a Saint-Ex biopic, features a welcoming space with tables to share, an open kitchen, shelves of jars, a recipe book, and bottles from the Bekaa Valley.

Les Mots et Le Ciel offers a unique culinary journey through Lebanon with meticulously crafted dishes, not commonly found elsewhere and modestly translated. Beyond the typical tabbouleh or tzatziki, discover kebbés (elongated bulgur balls) stuffed with lamb or spinach, expertly prepared before your eyes by Karim. Indulge in habra nayyé (garlic-infused lamb tartare) or, for vegetarians, a plate of seasoned fava beans.

Not to be missed are the makaneks, small lamb sausages with pine nuts, cooked in their deglazed lemon-infused juice – a subtle blend of acidity and spices to savor until the last drop. Accompanying the dish is an excellent hummus that will surprise you.

To complete your culinary excursion, a fine selection of wines is offered. From Château Ksara Merwah white wine to a bottle of Aurora red wine, let yourself be transported to the heart of Beirut. Conclude your culinary experience with a baklava prepared with love.

Beware, it's an extraordinary culinary experience! "Les Mots et Le Ciel" presents itself as a unique place, serving as a restaurant, delicatessen, and workshop. They welcome guests in a table d'hôte setting amidst cookbooks and various jars. The duo offers an educational banquet of Levantine curiosities, where everyone can choose from a myriad of delights.

For an intimate experience, reserve the table d'hôte for you and your family! Upon reservation and for a maximum of 10 people, you can enjoy an intimate and refined experience, where guests are transported to the heart of Lebanese flavors.

Workshops are also organized on-site for those who wish to learn the secrets of Lebanese cuisine!

What are you waiting for? Go discover this one-of-a-kind place! The reception team at the Moderniste hotel is at your disposal to help you organize your Lebanese meal!

Only a 7-minute walk from the Moderniste hotel. Open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Photo ©Ludovic Avice - Unsplash

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