La Gauloise, a gastronomic gem in the 15th district of Paris

La Gauloise, a gastronomic gem in the 15th district of Paris

Located just a few steps from the hotel Moderniste, La Gauloise restaurant is a true gastronomic gem nestled in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. This signature establishment captivates enthusiasts of French bourgeois cuisine, thanks to its elegant and intimate setting and the exceptional camaraderie of its team, led by the talented Chef Julien Nion.

Julien Nion's international reputation, cultivated in prestigious kitchens, lends La Gauloise restaurant a unique charm. The chef highlights French bourgeois cuisine, renowned worldwide. His flavorful, authentic, and ethical recipes demand remarkable technical mastery, especially in the full utilization of each raw ingredient to reveal its full range of flavors.

The restaurant's menu follows the rhythm of the seasons, varying with the chef's discoveries at local markets and from nearby farmers. The art of elevating ingredients, such as sweetbreads with salsify, butternut, romanesco cabbage, veal jus, and morel sauce, perfectly showcases Julien Nion's culinary talent. The chef's passion for sauces acts as a binding element, creating a perfect harmony of textures and flavors.

The welcoming and professional front-of-house team takes pleasure in recommending wines that perfectly complement the menu. The wine list, an authentic invitation to exploration, is sure to delight every palate. La Gauloise offers a complete gastronomic experience, from a delightful aperitif to a delicious coffee at the end of the meal.

Despite its slightly misleading name, La Gauloise is not a popular bistro. On the contrary, it is a luxurious brasserie with a Napoleon III decor, blending opulence and purity to create an atmosphere cherished by regulars.

For an unforgettable gourmet getaway in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, let yourself be enchanted by the magic of La Gauloise, where each dish tells a story of exquisite flavors.

For any reservation inquiries, our reception team is at your disposal! Feel free to visit us at the front desk or call us from your room at extension 9!

At a 15-minute bus ride from the Hotel Moderniste. Open every day for lunch and dinner. 

Photo ©Arthur Chauvineau - Unsplash

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