"'L'Antre Amis", a culinary jewel in the 15th district

Today, we would like to introduce you to "L'Antre Amis," a true gastronomic gem located in a small alley in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, just a twenty-minute walk from the Moderniste Hotel. Nestled in a Haussmannian setting, this restaurant offers an exceptional culinary experience, combining market cuisine and creativity, all within a simple and warm ambiance that will make you feel right at home.

Since its acquisition by Gaëlle Potel at the beginning of 2010, L'Antre Amis has established itself as a sought-after restaurant in the French capital. Under the talented chef Michel Craca's guidance, the establishment offers generous, gourmet, and creative cuisine that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

One of L'Antre Amis' distinct characteristics lies in its commitment to sustainability and the authenticity of its products. The chef pays meticulous attention to the aesthetics of his plates while remaining faithful to culinary traditions. He works closely with local producers, ensuring that each dish showcases the true taste of the ingredients.

For those looking to share a convivial moment with small bites, L'Antre Amis offers an enticing selection of tapas. Among them, you will find 6 tempura prawns with cocktail sauce, a croque-monsieur with Parisian ham, Label Rouge salmon heart with raw cream and blinis, rock octopus carpaccio, and Ibérico shoulder chiffonade. The variety of dishes available caters to all tastes.

If you have a hearty appetite, the menu at L'Antre Amis evolves with the seasons, offering a constantly renewed gastronomic experience. Among the delights you can savor, you will find dishes such as duck foie gras terrine with Bas Armagnac, poultry pâté in a crust with foie gras and pistachio, or royal sea bream ceviche with avocado. Fans of classic French cuisine will be delighted with the extra-large Burgundy snails.

For refined and chef-revisited main courses, L'Antre Amis offers delectable dishes such as roasted meagre with saffron-flavored vegetables and crustacean emulsion, wild Turbot (for 4 to 5 people), Tomahawk veal chop (for 2 people), or braised beef with fried gnocchi and shallot sauce. Meat lovers won't be able to resist the temptation of savoring the succulent aged Angus ribeye, also meant for 2 people.

Lastly, conclude your meal beautifully with one of the exquisite desserts offered by L'Antre Amis. Indulge in the vanilla, chocolate, and coffee tiramisu, or opt for the red berry selection accompanied by Perrier lemon sorbet and meringues. A true delight for discerning gourmets.

As you can see, L'Antre Amis is more than just a restaurant. It offers a unique culinary experience in a charming setting, perfect for a convivial dinner among friends or a more intimate meal. Whether you are a local resident or a passing visitor, don't miss the opportunity to discover this gastronomic gem located just a stone's throw from the Moderniste Hotel. Your taste buds will thank you.

Photo ©Evelyn Semenyuk - Unsplash

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