Discovering Tutankhamon at the Galeries Montparnasse !

Discovering Tutankhamon at the Galeries Montparnasse !

We have previously mentioned an immersive exhibition dedicated to Ancient Egypt at the Atelier des Lumières. Paris surprises us once again with another experience featuring Egypt, this time in the form of an expedition at the Galeries Montparnasse!

The story begins in 1922 when the British archaeologist specializing in Egypt, Howard Carter, embarks on an expedition to the Valley of the Kings, driven by the desire to solve a mystery that would propel him into history.

Drawing inspiration from this adventure, the Galeries Montparnasse offer all visitors the Tutankhamun experience, a unique and thrilling adventure.

As you cross the threshold of the venue, you officially become a member of Howard Carter's team and embark on the search for the pharaoh's funerary treasure. Numerous puzzle games await you to unravel the mysteries surrounding the life and tragic destiny of Tutankhamun.

This experience is designed to entertain and educate, suitable for both adults and children, and takes place on an area of 3000 m2!

Your adventure begins in Howard Carter's famous tent, which will serve as your guide and provide you with a map of the tomb, as well as numerous challenges to overcome throughout your exploration.

To access the Treasure, you must first pass through the Antechamber, then explore the Annex, and finally, the Burial Chamber. It is the latter that will grant you access to the precious key to unlock the Treasure and discover the priceless objects it contains.

In addition to its playful and educational aspect, this experience offers a true sensory immersion, transporting you into the mysterious and captivating atmosphere of Ancient Egypt. Carefully crafted décors, evocative sound effects, and subtle lighting contribute to creating an immersive atmosphere that will immerse you in the time of Tutankhamun.

Moreover, the involvement of visitors, whether young or old, in the process of solving puzzles and discovering the funerary treasure adds a highly interactive dimension, allowing participants to truly feel invested in this archaeological quest. This hands-on approach will stimulate their engagement and interest, while reinforcing their understanding of historical and archaeological concepts.

Furthermore, the Tutankhamun experience offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the treasures and artifacts of Ancient Egypt in an immersive and accessible manner. Visitors will be able to rediscover the cultural and historical significance of these artifacts, while cultivating a sense of connection with the distant past.

The Tutankhamun experience offered by the Galeries Montparnasse in Paris promises a captivating and educational adventure, blending entertainment, learning, and cultural immersion.

It is a unique opportunity for history enthusiasts, families, and curious individuals of all ages to discover Ancient Egypt in a new and memorable way, while exploring the mysteries surrounding the life and death of the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun.

For more information and to purchase your tickets, do not hesitate to visit the official experience website! Our reception team is at your disposal for any assistance you may need.

If you are staying at the hotel Moderniste, you are just a few metro stops away from the Convention station!

Photo ©Robert Thiemann - Unsplash

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