Découvrez l'évolution de la mode et du corps en mouvement au Palais Galliera

Découvrez l'évolution de la mode et du corps en mouvement au Palais Galliera

The Palais Galliera invites you to embark on a journey through the centuries with its latest installment of the "Fashion on the move" exhibition. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of fashion, from its origins in the 18th century to the present day, while exploring the close relationship between fashion and physical activity, sports, and the resulting social transformations.

The exhibition offers a captivating insight into the interaction between garments designed for physical activity and those of everyday wear. You will be prompted to question concepts such as the specialization of sportswear, the adaptation of women's attire for physical activity in the 19th century, the masculinization of women's clothing, and the introduction of sportswear into our daily wardrobes.

Discover nearly 200 works from the collections of the Palais Galliera, spanning three centuries of fashion evolution. From swimsuits to cycling attire, from motoring coats to jogging suits, each piece tells a unique story of our relationship with movement and fashion.

The exhibition would not be complete without the exceptional loans from the National Sports Museum of Nice, the Forney Library of Paris, the CHANEL Heritage, the Emile Hermès Collection, as well as the houses of Sonia Rykiel and Yohji Yamamoto. These loans contextualize the pieces from the Palais Galliera within a broader panorama of the evolution of fashion and physical activity throughout the ages.

The exhibition journey begins with the elegance of the 18th century, highlighting the fans and tightly cinched dresses that defined not only the silhouette but also the social role of women. Explore how clothing evolved to adapt to new social activities, such as open-air strolls, with the emergence of more fluid dresses and caracos to brave the elements.

In the 19th century, with the rise of equestrianism, long trailing skirts emerged to protect the legs of female riders, while hats with incorporated monocles allowed riders to maintain a clear vision without leaving their mounts.

The exhibition also emphasizes the impact of physical activity on body liberation and the evolution of beauty standards. Discover how activities such as cycling allowed women to push the boundaries of dress, transitioning from skirts to trousers for greater freedom of movement.

For conservation reasons, the exhibition will be presented in three successive installations, with a five-week closure period between each installment. This rotation will allow visitors to discover new works with each visit, offering a renewed experience each time.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore the evolution of fashion and the moving body at the Palais Galliera. Book your visit now and delve into this fascinating exploration of the history of fashion and its inseparable links with physical activity and movement.

Until the 5th of January 2025. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10AM to 6PM. Open until 9PM on Thursdays. 

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