Brancusi studio, an artistic jewel next to the Pompidou Center

Brancusi studio, an artistic jewel next to the Pompidou Center

If you're staying at the Hotel Moderniste and you're looking for an alternative sightseeing idea apart from the major landmarks, we have a suggestion for you! Amidst the numerous artistic marvels of the City of Light, there's an exceptional place that stands out just across from the renowned Centre Pompidou: it's the Brancusi Studio.

The Brancusi Studio pays tribute to the memory of Constantin Brâncuși, a Romanian-born sculptor who became a French citizen, leaving an indelible mark on sculptural abstraction and significantly influencing surrealist sculpture.

Ideally situated on Georges-Pompidou Square, the Brancusi Studio is a faithful reimagining of the workshop of the celebrated sculptor Constantin Brancusi. This enchanting space houses an impressive collection of 137 sculptures, 87 original pedestals, 41 drawings, 2 paintings, as well as over 1,600 glass photographic plates and original prints. In addition to this extensive collection, a library containing 160 volumes and a collection of 200 records bear witness to the artist's passion for music.

For Brancusi, his studio wasn't just a mere creative space; it was a complete work of art in itself. He organized "mobile groups" there, arrangements of artworks designed to interact with each other and create a unique visual and spatial experience. This innovative approach has ingrained the Brancusi Studio into art history as an artistic treasure, where each piece harmonizes with the others, forming a sanctuary of creativity.

The re-creation of the Brancusi Studio was carried out in 1997 by the architect Renzo Piano, also the designer of the Centre Pompidou. While preserving the intimate essence of the original studio, he adapted the space for visitors. Bathed in soothing zenithal light, the studio recreates the atmosphere cherished by the artist. Visitors can leisurely stroll through this preserved place and be inspired by Brancusi's creative genius.

Engaging guided tours are regularly organized, immersing visitors into the artist's artistic universe. Furthermore, sculpture, drawing, and photography workshops are available for those seeking unique and enriching experiences.

You can reach out to the reception team for assistance in planning your visit and obtaining all necessary information. You can explore the museum's history and get a preview of the exhibited works on the official Brancusi Studio website.

Admission is free, which is an additional reason not to miss this unique opportunity! This allows you to explore the artistic richness of Paris and take advantage of the proximity of the Brancusi Studio.

Open every day except Tuesdays and May 1st, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Photo ©Alberto Savinio - flickr 

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