Ballon de Paris Generali, an experience not to be missed

Ballon de Paris Generali, an experience not to be missed

Are you planning a trip to Paris and looking to experience the City of Light from a new perspective? Immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of the 15th arrondissement of Paris with the Hôtel Moderniste as your starting point, and treat yourself to a unique experience at the Ballon de Paris Generali!

Located in a dynamic neighborhood where the authenticity of Paris blends with its iconic landmarks, the 15th arrondissement offers a one-of-a-kind experience for travelers seeking exploration.

Just steps away from our establishment lies the famous Ballon de Paris Generali, offering breathtaking views of the French capital. Since 1999, this captive balloon has introduced nearly a million people to the joys of hot air ballooning.

But what makes the Ballon de Paris Generali even more special is its commitment to the environment. In partnership with AIRPARIF®, this Parisian emblem has become an indicator of air quality. Changing colors based on ambient air quality, it also provides real-time data on fine particulate matter in the air, thanks to a permanently onboard flying laboratory.

With flights authorized up to 300 meters in altitude, clear mornings allow for in-depth studies of air quality, offering a unique perspective on the city and its environmental challenges.

So why not take advantage of this adventure during your stay at the Hôtel Moderniste? Our ideal location in the 15th arrondissement puts you just steps away from this iconic attraction, allowing you to fully experience the magic of Paris with ease.

Book your stay at the Hôtel Moderniste now and get ready to discover Paris in a truly unique way. Let yourself be carried away by the charm of the 15th arrondissement and the unforgettable experience of the Ballon de Paris Generali. An unforgettable Parisian getaway not to be missed!

In addition to the excitement of the Balloon, our neighborhood is full of other treasures to discover. Strolls down the famous Rue du Commerce, moments of relaxation in the beautiful Parc Georges Brassens, or exploring the picturesque streets along the Seine River!

You'll always find something to do in Paris, and the entire team at Hôtel Moderniste is eager to recommend the best activities to make your stay unforgettable!

Photo ©BikerNormand from Morsan - Wikimedia commons


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