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A day at Bourdelle Museum in Paris

A day at Bourdelle Museum in Paris

In the vibrant neighborhood of Montparnasse in Paris in our beautiful 15th district, you will find the Bourdelle Museum, a true cultural gem that reopened its doors last March after a complete renovation.

If you are staying at the Moderniste Hotel, you cannot miss this must-visit place for art lovers, located just a 30-minute walk for those who enjoy strolling or 15 minutes by Metro 12 from Convention. It is a golden opportunity for art enthusiasts to discover or rediscover the magnificent works of this prominent artist of the 20th century.

After meticulous renovation work, the Bourdelle Museum unveils a new staging and redesigned scenography to enhance the works of the illustrious sculptor Antoine Bourdelle.

Located in the very art studio of the sculptor, the museum offers a total immersion in his creative universe, giving visitors the impression of being an integral part of his artistic process. With its vast luminous spaces, the museum creates a unique experience that allows full appreciation of the artist's work.

The existence of this must-visit cultural place in Paris is the result of the generosity of Antoine Bourdelle's wife and daughter. They chose to transfer the studio to the City of Paris to fulfill the artist's deep wish of transforming it into a museum dedicated to his exceptional artistic heritage.

Whether inside the museum or in the beautiful adjacent park, an impressive collection of sculptures, paintings, drawings, and archives related to Bourdelle is exhibited. Each piece bears witness to the artist's creative genius and the influence of his creations on modern art.

In addition to the permanent collections, the Bourdelle Museum offers temporary exhibitions that broaden visitors' perspective on the artist's work.

Among the major exhibited works, you will find the famous "Héraklès Archer" and "La France," which illustrate Bourdelle's powerful and expressive style. These iconic pieces are carefully presented, allowing visitors to feel the full emotional intensity transmitted by the artist through his art.

The monumental sculptures adorning the museum gardens are also a highlight of the visit. Walking among these imposing creations, one cannot help but be impressed by Bourdelle's technical mastery and the scale of his achievements. It is a true immersion into the sculptural universe of the artist.

In addition to exhibiting the works, the Bourdelle Museum offers various activities and workshops to deepen visitors' artistic experience. Guided tours are available to provide detailed information about the exhibited works and Bourdelle's history.

If you are looking for a family activity, be sure to check out the many workshops organized by the museum! It will be an opportunity to spend time with your family, learn more about Bourdelle's work, and enjoy the sun in the museum's garden!

And of course, after a day of artistic discoveries at the museum, you can relax in the comfort and elegance of our hotel and recharge your batteries for another day in Paris.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. 

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